About Great Lakes Avian Pest Control

Great Lakes Avian Pest Control was founded by Jeff Lastname in year and has been his passion ever since.

"These birds carry over 20 different diseases and are determined to nest where they have before. There droppings virtually destroy all roofing over time."

Developed company came into being shortly after the year 2000. This was a result of a huge problem in the area with seagulls. Recognizing that RC aircraft could be utilized in abatement more efficiently than any other method. Tactics were developed were developed to deploy this unique equipment by Jeff. This equipment was developed before special permits were required for each site such as a license for each site and a license to operate the rc aircraft and a seperate rider on your insurance policy. At the advent of quad copters came these regulations. Due to this jeff developed the Falcon Patrol automated unit which eliminated the need for flying.

Since then many falcon patrol units have been deployed throughout the western shores of lake michigan. From Milwaukee to Sturgeon Bay. The Falcon Patrol unit has been deployed with great success. Units have been utilized year after year with little to no intervention required by Great Lakes Avian Pest Control.


Year Founded


City Blocks of Coverage per Falcon Patrol Unit


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Falcon Patrol Unit

The Falcon Patrol Unit is propietary automated avian pest determent unit.

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