Great Lakes Avian Pest Control

Owned and operated by Jeff Schukow out of Wisconsin with more than 30 years of experience under his belt and 50+ successful projects.

Avian Pest Expert

 Jeff has studied in avian diseases and non-lethal abatement since 2000 and is the domain expert for avian pest control in the midwest.

Avian Pest Innovator

Great Lakes Avian Pest Control is the top developer of mechanical automated and remote controlled avian pest decoys

Program Success

All programs are unique to client needs and have a 100% success rate whena abatement guidelines are followed.

Jeff Schukow A.K.A. Birdman

Jeff is a certified state indentured journeyman since 1979 and is well renowned around the country for his expertise in avian pest control which has earned him the name "Birdman."

About Us

Falcon Patrol Unit

The Falcon Patrol unit is one of its kind fully automated migratory bird abatement unit only produced by Great Lakes Avian Pest Control.

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What Our Customers Say

Hear from Tim Burns, General Manager at Marcus Theatres on how Great Lakes Avian Pest Control dealt with the overwhelming number of gulls on their theatre roof top.

"Working with Great Lakes was a terrfic experience," remarked Mr. Burns. "Jeff educated us about the negative impacts the gulls can have on human health, as well as the potential for financial loss from damage to the building's rooftop. The system is definitely an easy's amazing how well it works. They took care of the installation and monitor the system's performance on a regular basis. The problem has been solved, there's no more worry. I'd recommend Great Lakes Avian Pest Control to anyone tasked with protecting their property from the damage nesting gulls can create."
Tim Burns, General Manager at Marcus Theatres
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Alexander Ramos, Product Designer
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Lisa Pliskin, Founder @ Glo

Falcon Patrol Unit

Have a problem with Nesting Gulls or Avian Pests? Looking to get rid of them? Learn More about the one of a kind Falcon Patrol Unit.

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